June 13, 2018

Eye Checkup workshop conducted at SSRana & Co.

Eyes are the windows of the soul. Eyes play a vital role in our day to day lives and are perhaps the most precious gift we have. Nowadays, our lifestyle has become such that eyes are constantly exposed to electronic devices like mobile phone, computers, tablets, etc. As a necessary corollary, taking care of the eyes have become extremely important. Due to our hectic schedule, regular eye checkup is very much a challenge for us.

Thus, keeping in mind the need of our colleagues, SSRana & Co in collaboration with Lenskart organized an eye check-up camp in the office premises. The eye specialists from Lenskart, counseled the participants on eye care and also did a comprehensive computerized eye examination. To stay productive in today’s professional environment, of the ever-increasing expectations for efficiency and performance, having good vision is critically important to ensure the ability to produce good results. Thus, the specialists informed the members about the need of regular eye checkup and gave some tips to take care and protect their eyes. They also advised the participants about the special care that should be taken while spending long hours in front of computers.

The pursuit of work-life balance reduces the stress employees’ experience. When they spend majority of their days on work-related activities and feel as if they are neglecting the other important components of their lives, it results in stress and unhappiness.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for us all.



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