May 26, 2014     

Dynamic Trademark Utilities 


In November 2013, we had posted news regarding launch of Dynamic Trademark Utility by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Through this tool public could generate a report displaying the number of applications received, examined, opposed or number of show- cause hearings issued or number of trademarks published in the Journal or number of trademarks registered or number of trademark applications disposed or number of notices issued by simply selecting the desired detail and feeding the relevant month and year for the same.

Stock and Flow based Dynamic Trademark Utility- Additional Refined Features


On May 20, 2014, the Intellectual Property Office launched a more refined model called the Stock and Flow based Dynamic Trademark Utility which will provide the applicants/stakeholders with the facility to view the trade marks under different stocks and the flow of applications among the various stocks.


The said tool enables the public (trademark holders, agents, attorney, stakeholders etc.) to see on real time basis the various details with respect to trademark applications namely:

  • New Application Received

  • Awaiting Examination

  • Under Examination

  • Post Examination

  • Under Showcause Hearing

  • Published and Awaiting Opposition

  • Under Opposition

  • Under Registration Process

  • RRegistered

The tool devised by the Registry can be categorized as an exemplary one which apart from generating the report relating to the fundamental processes involved in the registration of trademarks also provides its viewers with a choice to limit their search by providing a further process of filtration which involves choice between Stock as on Date and Flow of Stock within a Period, thereby facilitating the viewer to restrict his search to its desired extent.


Thereafter, once the viewer makes his desired choice the tool further enables him to choose the desired Jurisdiction along with the Class of goods or services, thereby further limiting the search and providing the viewer a customized report. Additionally the tool also provides the viewers a choice to generate the Report either in Summary or in Details.


The desired report can be generated at Stocks & Flows of Trademark Applications (


The pictorial depiction of the same is as under:




This indeed is one more step towards making the Intellectual Property Office more transparent.


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