December 20, 2013     

Indian Trade Marks Registry Issues Guidelines for Functioning Under

Madrid Protocol


The Comptroller General of Patent, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) has published guidelines for functioning under Madrid Protocol (administered by WIPO) to which India became a signatory w.e.f. July 08, 2013.


The document provides guidelines to be followed by the Applicants at the time of filing of International applications with Indian Trade Marks Registry and also lays guidelines for foreign applicants while designating India in their International Application.


The document has been divided into 2 parts and 11 Annexures.


PART A deals with the responsibilities of Indian Trade Marks Office as the OFFICE OF ORIGIN detailing the handling fees for filing the International Application, procedure for International Registration and duration thereto.


PART B deals with the responsibilities of the Indian Trade Marks office as THE DESIGNATED CONTRACTING PARTY detailing the procedure to be followed for dealing with the International Application from the Applicant of another contracting state.


The said guidelines can be accessed from the below copied hyperlink: GUIDELINES ON FUNCTIONING UNDER MADRID PROTOCOL




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