June 29, 2014     



Deadline for final submission of Application - October 31, 2014


India Design Council (IDC), a statutory body under Ministry of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) has initiated Indian Design mark. Since 1969 JDP is contributing to the promotion of industrial activities, cultural improvement, development and encouragement of the design.


IDC is inviting applications from manufactures, SME’s brand owners and designer to register and submit their innovative designed mark for getting India Design Mark.


India Design Mark is a certification of design excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation.


Purpose of India Design Mark


The rationale behind granting India Design Mark recognition is that it works as marketing tool by providing strong differentiation and market value to well designed product. Besides it imparts competitive edge to the product with brand extension in the local and international markets. It also helps the designers to create brand loyalty among consumers as well as it helps consumers to recognize the products and ensures them good value for money.


The symbol can be used in a wide range of ways, such as advertisements, catalogs, product packaging and other promotional mediums.


Applying for India Design Mark


  • Only online entries accepted

  • An application can be made by the representative of manufacturer or by the brand owner company or by the designer / design company

  • Irrespective of the applicant, the India Design Mark will be granted in the name of brand Owner Company with design credit to the designer / design company

  • An applicant may submit any number of entries in any category

  • For each product, a separate application and payment must be submitted.



Product Eligibility

  • The product entry should satisfy any two of the three requirements i.e. Made in India, Designed in India or Sold in India

  • The entry should be mass-produced using an industrial process and should be in the market

  • The entry must be in production at the time of submission

  • The entry should be a complete product

  • The entry should be an end product having been introduced in the market as a new product during the period of January 01, 2011 and June 29, 2013.

Ineligible Entries

  • Entries in the prototyping stage

  • Entries which are under litigation for violation of patent, trademarks, design mark or any of the intellectual property related provisions

  • Entries that are copies of other products available in Indian or foreign markets

Application Assessment and Fees


Assessment of the applications will be accomplished in two stages and a duly constituted Jury will review the applications in accordance to the assessment criteria.


First Stage is an entry qualification Stage and entries qualified after evaluation by jury move to second stage.

  • Stage 1 jury process is completely online

  • The jury members evaluate the entry based on its completeness, thoroughness, appropriateness and general conformance to the judging criteria

  • The jury’s decision is final

Application fee for the First Stage


S. No. Particulars Regular Entry Fee
1 Cottage Industry 5,000
2 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 10,000
3 Medium and Large Industry 15,000


Add Service Tax @ 12.36%


Second Stage

  • Separate payment for second stage evaluation and for exhibition space

  • For second stage evaluation of entries, the applicant is required to send in the physical product by the prescribed date.

  • After the assessment is over, those entries, which are adjudged to have received the India Design Mark, are exhibited in a public exhibition on subsequent days.

Application fee for the Second Stage


S. No.  Particulars Regular Entry Fee
1 Cottage industry 10, 000
2 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  20, 000
3 Medium and large industry 30, 000


Add Service Tax @ 12.36%


Categories of Entry




Bags, shoes & footwear, eyewear, watches, accessories, out door gear, furnishings, tableware, kitchen aids, baby products, FMCG packages and products, bottles & storage containers, buckets, dustbins, mugs, razors, tooth brush, non electrical water filter & storage products, locks, non powered sporting goods, writing equipment & household stationary, office stationary products like pens, markers, pencil, cutters, paint brushes, scissors, paper punch, files & folders, musical instruments, toys & games, aero models, home decorative items, craft based life style products




Electrical lighting products & light source, TV, heaters, coolers, AC, Refrigerator, desk top printers, portables, light electronic consumer durables, computing devices & peripherals, camera & video equipment, street navigation devices, home electronics, door phones, alarms, home & office security devices & equipment, safes, electric shavers, hair dryer, electrical tooth brush, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, mixer grinders, food processors, electrical home water filters, air & water coolers, electrical hobs & chimneys, energy appliances & devices, plugs, switches, power strips, emergency lamps, torch & general purpose batteries, phones, cell phones, DA's, presentation equipment, audio equipment, electronic music equipment, remotes, chargers, servers, computing devices, ear phones & headsets and accessories, building systems management products.




Gauges and measuring devices, test equipment, visual devices, industrial robots and automation products, safety gears (helmets, alarms, safety shoes etc) and systems (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, masks, industrial alarms, etc), piping systems, Industrial water filters, power generation equipment, power transmission and power storage devices. Industrial machines, industrial equipments, heavy machinery, special purpose machines, machining equipment, hand tools, power tools, finishing tools (surface treatment tools, grinder, spray gun, etc.), printing machines, RPT machines, industrial storage & racking systems, gardening implements, agricultural tools (hand tools, portable power tools) and equipment (plough, grain processors, dryers and crushers, flour millers, etc.), tractor, wheel barrow, construction machinery and equipment, excavators, pumps, compressors, valves, electrical & electronic switchgear, circuit breakers, scientific equipment, special lights, industrial racking & storage systems, lifts & escalators. Medical devices like delivery, monitoring, scan and analysis equipment, health care products, wheel chairs, differently-abled products, stretchers, hospital bed, operation station, surgery aids & equipment including scopes, valves, stents, pacemakers, catheters, masks, trolleys, ambulance and mobile hospitals. Scientific apparatus, devices, analytical instruments, scopes, laboratory equipment, mixer, meters & plotters. Tread mills, trainer bicycle, weight training & cross training equipment, weights, massagers, and sports training equipment.




Furniture, chairs and seating systems, interior products, tiles, laminates, cladding, flooring, ceiling, window & doors, storage products & systems, shelving, modular kitchen systems, modular systems, wall & partitioning systems, joints, building products & systems, architectural hardware, knobs, door bolts, handles, roofing systems, bath products like bath tub, shower systems, sanitary ware, faucets, blinds, automated blinds and curtain systems, ladders, staircase systems, podiums, canopies, retail fixtures, display fixtures, school furniture, laboratory furniture, quick build structures, modular structures, space frames, gratings & gutters, gates, modular building systems, public systems like bus stands, train stations, outdoor furniture, public sanitation, and kiosks.




Personal vehicles, bicycles, rickshaw, motorcycles, cars, MUVs & related products, commercial vehicles like pick- ups, trucks, buses, boats, trains, aircrafts, space crafts, automotive seats, automotive tires, automotive protection guards, and products used as elements inside vehicles


Grant & Usage of India Design Mark


Entries which qualify Stage 2 of the India Design Mark Process, are granted the India Design Mark for further usage

  • After online announcement applicant can use the India Design Mark recognition

  • India Design Mark recognition holder has to apply in the prescribed format along with annual usage fee of mark after first year.

  • On receipt of payment, the India Design Mark Secretariat will send the India Design Mark usage permission certificate

Important Dates and Deadlines


Applications open June 29, 2014
Applications close October 31, 2014
Final Submission of Application October 31, 2014
Last date for payment of India Design Mark application fees October 31, 2014
 1'st Stage Jury Evaluation of Entries November 10 – December 05, 2014
Results notification of 1st stage evaluation December 19, 2014
 Last date for receiving physical entry for stage 2 evaluation January 31, 2015
Last date of payment for 2'nd stage jury evaluation fees and exhibition fees January 31, 2015
Date for receiving products at the exhibition venue, in case of large sized products February 18, 2015
2nd Stage Jury Evaluation of Entries February 19 and 20, 2015
India Design Mark Exhibition open to the public February 21 and 22, 2015
Announcement of India Design Marks Granted on India Design Mark website February 28, 2015
 Period for using India Design Mark logo free of charge    March 01, 2015 – February 28, 2016



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