December 11, 2013     

No. CG/F/Public Notice/2013/122


Indian Patent Office to issue patent renewal certificates with QR codes


In wake of recent technological advancement and modernization of the Indian Intellectual Property Office, the IPO has notified that it would now be issuing Renewal Certificates of patents with QR Codes printed on it. The intimation regarding issuance of such certificates shall also be made available to the applicant/agent on record immediately by email. This service would also be extended to SMS in due course.


Although as of now this service is offered only for renewal certificates, the Patent Office has notified that, to enhance transparency in the public delivery system and to authenticate the documents delivered to the stakeholders, it intends to extend the service to various stages of processing of patent applications as well.


In order to avail the service, the office of CGPDTM has advised all stakeholders/ applicants to register their official mobile number and e-mail address with the patent office at the time of filing of the documents/ fee payment at the cash counter (at the time of CBR generation). Applicant(s)/ agent(s) are further advised to include mobile numbers and email addresses in the "address for service" or update the same in the "Register of Patent Agents" as the case may be.


The notification can be accessed from the IPO’s website at:





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