June 25, 2015     

Indian Intellectual Property Office Releases Its Annual Report (2013-2014)


On June 15, 2015, the Indian Intellectual Property Office released the Annual Report for the year 2013-2014. The Report demonstrates the progress witnessed in filing and disposal of IP applications in India during the reporting year. The Report also indicates the trends in IPR and the efforts taken by the IP Office towards digitization and subsequent transparency in the working of Office. The Report highlights the programs that were organized by the office with the motive to increase awareness of IP rights and protection among masses.


Highlights of the Annual Report


Trends in IPR



  • Trademark filing in the reporting year indicated an increase of 2.98% in trademark filing as compared to the previous year;




  • As per the Report, Intellectual Property Office witnessed a marginal decrease of 1.65% in filing as compared to the previous year;

  • Patent Office disposed 11,411 applications, out of which 4227 applications proceeded for grant of patents, 6410 were abandoned and 774 were refused after examination



  • According to the Report, design filings witnessed a slight increase of 2.35% as compared to the previous year;

  • Similar to the trends experienced in previous years, this year too Indian applicants continued to dominate the filing of design applications as compared to foreign applicants. The number of applications originating from India was 64.0 percent of total filing.


Geographical Indications



Public Service Delivery­ Efficiency & Transparency




  • To achieve transparency, complete details of pending trademark applications and registered trademarks including images, of all the documents submitted, prosecution history, examination report are made available online on real-time basis;

  • The Office developed a software named “Trademark International Application System” for functioning of the Trademark Registry under the Madrid Protocol.

  • Dynamic Trademark Utilities for Trademark have been made available on the website;

  • Stock and Flow based Utility for Trademarks has been made available to provide the applicants/ stakeholders with the facility to view trademarks under different stocks and flow of applications at various stages of processing on a real time basis;

  • The functions of Trademark Registry were re-organized for optimum utilization of existing officials and staff;


  • With a view to maintain uniformity among offices and achieve transparency in examination processes, the Patent Office published in the year 2013-14, two draft guidelines related to examination of patent applications in the fields of Computer Related Inventions and Pharmaceuticals;

  • The Patent Office started functioning as an International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) under the PCT from 15th October, 2013;

  • The Patent (Amendment) Rules 2013 also came into force on October 15, 2013 facilitating the functioning of the Patent Office as ISA/IPEA. The international applications received by the ISA/IPEA are processed and all reports are generated fully electronically through specialized software developed by the office. During the period from 15th October 2013 to March 31, 2014, the Indian Patent Office established International Search Report and Written Opinion in respect of 18 international applications under the –PCT;

  • As a part of dissemination of information to the public, the Patent Office also introduced during 2013-14 a host of dynamic utilities which allow the public to access important and useful information regarding status of patent applications in the office on real time basis.

In order to further enhance the transparency in the public delivery system and to authenticate the document delivered by the patent offices to the stakeholders, the system of QR Codes has been introduced on the Application Filing Receipt, Patent Certificate and Renewal Fee Certificate issued to the patentee.



  • The functions under the Design Act, 2000 were carried out by the Design Wing functioning under the Patent Office at Kolkata;

  • During 2013-14, the old registered designs, which were classified under the repealed Act of 1911,were taken up for reclassification in accordance with the Designs Act, 2000 and the rules made thereunder;

  • All the records since 1989 onwards were reclassified in accordance with the Third Schedule of Design Rules, 2001 as amended by Designs (Amendment) Rules, 2008 and steps have been initiated to make this data available for public search;

  • Various activities for comprehensive computerization of the Design wing of the Patent Office have been initiated. The application status is made available electronically on the Official website.

Geographical Indications


During 2013-14, special steps were taken to attract authorized user applications by conducting awareness programs and consequently, 475 applications for authorized user registration were received during the reporting year;


Further, during the reporting year, 141 authorized users were registered. Online public view of GI documents has been started;


Awareness Programs


With the aim of increased awareness on intellectual property rights, the Office of CGPDTM conducted/financed 28 Programmes during 2013-14 which were attended by around 2500 participants.


During the year 2013-14, the Office for the first time undertook an awareness drive among small industry clusters for generating awareness among micro, small and medium sector enterprises. 12 Programmes were organized in different parts of the country in association with industry associations Cll, FICCI and ASSOCHAM.


The Programs received encouraging response from the stakeholders. Besides, the officials of the Office of CGPDTM participated as resource persons in a number of awareness programs organized by other organizations like WI PO, Universities, TIFAC, NRDC, FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, NID, etc.




The Annual Report (2013-2014) is indicative of the initiatives by the Indian IP Office towards digitization of the IP records which enables IP holders to track the status of applications on real time basis. Additionally, efforts have been made towards launching of tools like Dynamic Trademark Utility and Dynamic Utility on Status of Patents which enables the user an easier and smoother access towards processing and update of IP applications. The trends witnessed in IP filings in the recent years demonstrates increased IP awareness among masses. It can be observed that IP filings for trademarks, designs and geographical indications have experienced an increase as compared to filings in the previous years.





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