December 02, 2017     

S.S. Rana & Co. hosts a motivation workshop for its Employees



Time for an employee training session? Is stress weighing our employees down? How is office morale — steady and upbeat or is it a revolving door of ups and downs? Do most of our employees feel they are in control of their work or that their work is in control of them?


 On December 2, 2017, we at S.S. Rana & Co., answered the above questions and a few more, when our office was graced by the presence of Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, a renowned spiritual and motivational speaker.


During the short session which lasted more than an hour and a half, Mr. Gupta briefly navigated through the trials and tribulations face by Employees and suggested ways on how to improve on them. The pursuit of work-life balance reduces the stress employees’ experience. When they spend the majority of their days on work-related activities and feel as if they are neglecting the other important components of their lives, stress and unhappiness result.


Because many employees experience a personal, professional, and monetary need to achieve, work-life balance is challenging. And this is precisely the reason why, we at S.S. Rana & Co., believe that employers can assist employees to experience work-life balance by offering off-beat opportunities like flexible work schedules, responsible time and communication expectations, and company-sponsored motivational workshops.



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