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Examination of Geographical Indication (GI) Application in India

Upon compliance of the deficiencies, the Registrar ordinarily constitutes a Consultative Group of not more than seven representatives to ascertain the correctness of the particulars furnished in the Statement of Case;

The Applicant will be invited to make a detailed presentation before the Consultative Group to explain the Statement of Case;

The Consultative Group ascertains the correctness of the particulars of Statement of Case and recommends for amendments, corrections or furnishing of further documents;

The Group may visit the production area in order to further assess the correctness of the Statement of Case;

The proceeding before the Consultative group will be ordinarily completed within three months from the date of constitution;

There upon the Registrar shall consider the Application on merits and based on observation / comments of Consultative Group, issues an Examination Report;

The Examination Report may contain objections to the acceptance of the Application or proposal to accept it subject to such conditions, amendments, modification or limitations as the Register may think fit to impose;

The Applicant shall within two months of the date of communication of Examination Report comply with proposals mentioned in the Examination Report or submit his observation or apply for a Hearing;

If the applicant fails to amend his application or submit his observations in writing or fails to apply for a hearing or fails to attend the hearing, the application shall be dismissed;

If the Application is found to be in order, the Registrar accepts the Application and publishes it in the ensuing GI Journal.

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