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Understanding different types of Patent Applications in Nepal

a) Ordinary Application

What is Ordinary Patent Application in Bhutan?

An application for patent filed in the Patent Office without claiming any priority of application made in a convention country or without any reference to any other application under process in the Patent Office is called an ordinary application.

b) Convention Patent Application

What is Convention Patent Application in Bhutan?

When an applicant files the application for a patent, claiming a priority date based on the same or substantially similar application filed in one or more of the convention countries, it is called a convention application. The convention application shall be filed with the Patent Office within 12 months of filing the similar application in the convention country.

c) Divisional Patent Application

What is Divisional Patent Application in Bhutan?

The applicant may, up to the time when the application is in order for grant, divide the application into two or more applications (“divisional applications”), provided that each divisional application shall not go beyond the disclosure in the initial application.

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