Understanding Law related to Patents in Bangladesh

The patent right is granted in Bangladesh as per the Patent & Design Act, 1911 & Patents & Designs Rules 1933.

Who can apply for a patent in Bangladesh?

In accordance to section 3 of Patent & Design Act, 1911 the application can be made by any of the following persons, either alone or jointly with any other person, whether he is a citizen of Bangladesh or not:

·     the true and first inventor of the invention;

·     the assignee of a person claiming to be the true and first inventor;

·    the legal representative of any deceased person who immediately before his/her death was entitled to make such an application.

What is Patentable in Bangladesh?

Under Section 2 (8) the Act, an invention means any manner of new manufacture and includes an improvement and an alleged invention.

Relevant OfficeDepartment of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT), Ministry of Industries, Dhaka
Law in ForcePatents & Designs Act 1911 & Patents & Designs Rules 1933
PCT Contracting StateNO
Paris ConventionYES
Document(s) required for filing patent applicationName, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and the inventor(s). Three copies of Patent specification and claims in the English language; Three copies/sets of drawing (if any) – one copy/set as formal drawings. Duly executed Power of Authority for the Agent; A certified copy of the priority document (if any).
Prosecution ProcessFiling of Patent Application Preliminary Examination of Patent Application Acceptance and Publication of Patent Application within 18 months Opposition (4 months from date of Publication) Sealing and Grant of Patent
Registration Term16 years from the date of registration


The Patents and Designs Act, 1911

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