What is sports law in India?

Sports law is an area of law which relate to the sporting activities in a country. It is a newly emerging line of law which deals with the legal issues pertaining to acts and issues of sports players, teams, managers and associates. It includes the traditional area of laws like contract law, tort law, trademark law, and various others.

Is there a legislation governing sports law in India?

There is no specific legislation regarding sports law in India. Sports law as an area is majorly covered by Contracts Law.

What are the issues in the field of sports law?

There are various issues under this ambit:

  1. Contracts between sports players and other parties
  2. Doping Policies
  3. Harassment in Sports
  4. Sports injuries regarding the liability
  5. Tort law
  6. Broadcasting Rights
  7. Conflict of interest regarding the endorsement by players.
  8. Endorsements & Advertising
  9. Intellectual Property Rights
  10. Players Rights

What are the authorities for Sports in India?

The main authorities for sports in India are:

  1. Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports
  2. National Sports Federation
  3. Sports Law and welfare association of India
  4. Sports Authority of India
  5. Team sports also have their own governing bodies like BCCI, Indian Hockey Federation.

Who formulates various sports policies in India?

The Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports is the authority that formulates policies regarding sports in India.

What is department of youth affairs and sports?

Department of Youth and Affair was set up by the Government for the purpose of governing and looking after the sports area of the country. They are also responsible for giving away the Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

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