An application for registration of the trademark is to be filed with the Trademarks Registry in the prescribed form with payment of requisite fees.

Further details regarding filing of trademark applications can be accessed on the Trademark Registry’s Website, Nepal at the following link: Nepal Trademark Registry.

Requirements for Filing a Trademark Application in Nepal

Who Can File a Trademark Application in Nepal?

Any person who claims to be the proprietor of the trademark can file an application for the registration of its mark in respect to goods/services. It should be filed at the Trademarks Registry, Kathmandu.

After filing the trademark application, the same is then examined by the Trademarks Registry, Kathmandu on the basis of its distinctiveness and similarity with prior marks.

If, following examination, the trademark application is considered allowable, acceptance order is issued, and thereafter the trademark is published in the trademarks Journal. If there are no oppositions filed within 90 days, from the date of advertisement in the Trademarks Journal, then the trademark registration certificate is issued.

Trademark registration is a long process and it takes around 12-18 months to obtain registration in case no opposition is filed by a third party.

Period of Trademark Registration in Nepal

Once a trademark is registered in Nepal, it is valid for a period of seven years (7 years) from the date of registration. The trademark registration can then be renewed for a further period of seven years (7 years) from the date of expiration of registration or of the last renewal of the registration.

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