A Posh audit is a systematic evaluation of an organization’s policies and practices related to preventing and addressing sexual harassment at the workplace. It allows us to diagnose, detect and advise on the policy and other measures to make an organisation POSH compliant.

We have a specialized team to provide all necessary services ranging from assistance and guidance to individuals and organisations including corporates, educational institutions, startups and MSMEs to comply with the provisions of the POSH Act.

The basket of our services under POSH Audit include:

Drafting of POSH Policy

A robust and inclusive POSH Policy is one of the first and essential step towards having in place a framework to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment. A robust POSH Policy not only helps organizations comply with the law but also fosters a culture of respect, equality and safety, thereby acting as a powerful tool to eliminate instances of sexual harassment at workplace.

Internal Committee Formation

The POSH Act specifically provides for the manner of constitution of the Internal Committee. Formation of an Internal Committee as per the POSH Law must also be in consonance with the other applicable laws.

External Member

Section 4(2)(c) of the POSH Act specifically provides for appointment of one member from amongst non-governmental organisations or associations committed for the cause of women or person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment in the Internal Committee.

POSH Annual Report

The POSH Act mandates the employer to submit an annual report to the appropriate authority. Such submission is to be made as per the requirements mentioned under the POSH Act.


Any person aggrieved by the decision of the IC may prefer an appeal to the appropriate appellate authority as specified under the POSH Act. Thus, the parties need to be assisted to understand the nature of the appropriate appellate authority and the process to file an appeal.

Other Legal Services under POSH

We at S.S. Rana & Co. is devoted to help our clients understand and decipher this nuanced law. We aim to provide valuable assistance and guidance with regard to your specific queries or concerns related thereto. Our tools and study materials are customized to highlight and create safe organizational culture.