Entries invited for National Intellectual Property Awards

January 25, 2016

The Indian Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in collaboration with the
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been since 2009, celebrating the
World IP Day by hosting National Intellectual Property Awards. These awards accord recognition and reward organisations as well as individuals for their contribution in harnessing the country’s intellectual capital and creating an eco-system that boosts creativity and innovation. Continuing the trend of felicitating the achievements in intellectual property, on January 15, the Intellectual Property Office announced the opening of the7th National Intellectual Property Awards for the year 2016 on their website by inviting applications for the same.

The IPO has listed ten categories of awards each of which will be presented with a cash prize of Rs.1,00,000/- and a citation. However, the awardees of the National Intellectual Property Awards 2014 and 2015 will not eligible this year. The categories are:

  • Top Indian Academic Institution for Patents;
  • Top R & D institution/organisation for Patents;
  • Top Indian Public or Private Limited Company or Indian subsidiary of a Transnational Corporation for Patents;
  • Top Indian Private Company (MSME) for Patents;
  • Best Commercialisation of Patentbased product or processin India;
  • Top Individual for Patents; v Top Organization for Trade Marks;
  • Top Organization for Designs; and
  • Top individual for Designs
  • Best facilitation of Registration of GI and Promotion of registered GI in India.(This category was added vide a separate notification dated March 02, 2015).

The National Awards will be linked with the three prestigious awards bestowed by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), namely, ‘WIPO
Medal for Inventors’, ‘WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy’and WIPO Users’ Trophy. The above mentioned awards will be accorded to the winners of the following categories:

  • WIPO Medal for Inventors is to be given to the ‘Top Individual for Patent’;
  • WIPO IP Enterprises Trophy to the ‘Top Indian Public Limited Company / Private Limited Company / Indiansubsidiary of a transnational corporation in Patent’; and
  • WIPO Users’ Trophy to the ‘Best Commercialisation of Patent based product or process in India’.

This year, in addition to the earlier listed broad parameters for selection, i.e.

  • Number of IPRs granted / registered;
  • Growth in IPR portfolio in the last five years;
  • Leveraging of IPRs for achieving commercial goals (valuation, licensing, launching of new products/ processes associated with granted/registered IPRs);
  • Efforts for inculcating IPR culture (R&D budget, employment of human resources for R&D, collaborations with industries and universities, licensing from other sources etc.) and
  • Contribution towards humanity and socio-economic development of the country. The IPO has added another parameter for selection i.e.
  • Commercial benefits derived from IP generated like no. of beneficiaries, economic significance, market share increase, cost effectiveness.

Further, this year addition has also been made by the IPO in the Eligibility criteria wherein it has been decided that an organization applying for award under the category of MSME, “Top Indian Private Company (MSME) for Patents”, should be a standalone enterprise and it should state the details of patent applications filed / granted in its own name only. Any details in respect of applications filed/patents granted belonging to a subsidiary company or the company under which it is a subsidiary company or a group of companies, where the applicant is a part of the said group of companies, shall not be taken into consideration.

The intention behind organising these awards is to encourage the innovation and management of intellectual property portfolio in such a manner that it influences the success of a business, whether large or small, in different industry segments.


The last date for submission of hard copy of the application form(s): February 25, 2016

The last date for submission of soft copy of the application form(s): March 02, 2016



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