Law in the time of Covid

Law in the time of Covid-19

Pandemic article series Part 1&2

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disruptions and repercussions have been felt far and wide. The outbreak of this deadly contagion in India and world has given rise to new cohorts of vulnerability in need of support in these unprecedented times. The Government of India and Governments all around the world have issued advisories and measures which would help in mitigating the impact of the viral outbreak on the general public, organizations and corporates. SSRANA herein presents a series of articles and updates, rendering an expert legal commentary on the impact of COVID-19 on myriad sectors. *This update is intended to provide an overview of the relevant-applicable legal framework, however, since the subject matter pertains to an evolving issue, it is strongly recommended to seek specific legal advice relevant to your business scenario before implementing any of the definitive measures mentioned in articles.

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