WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT)

The WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) is a special agreement under the Berne Convention that deals with the protection of works and the rights of their authors in the digital environment. Further, it recognizes the rights specific to the digital environment, of making work available, to address “on-demand” and other interactive modes of access. WCT recognizes (i) computer programs, whatever the mode or form of their expression; and (ii) compilations of data or other material (“databases”), in any form, which, by reason of the selection or arrangement of their contents, constitute intellectual creations, as separate subject matters protectable under the copyright laws. In addition to this, apart from the rights granted to the author under the Berne Convention, the WCT also grants the following rights to the author of the work:

  • the right of distribution;
  • the right of rental; and
  • a broader right of communication to the public.

Summary of WCT- https://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/ip/wct/summary_wct.html

WIPO Copyright Treaty – https://wipolex.wipo.int/en/text/295157

Contracting Parties –https://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/ShowResults.jsp?lang=en&treaty_id=16

India and WCT – http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=180389

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