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International Trademark Filing & Registration – Trademark rights are territorial rights therefore for protecting and enforcing trademark rights internationally individual national / regional trademark applications need to be filed at the respective country’s / region’s trademark office.

Trademark and Brand protection has globally emerged as an indispensable asset for any entity. With the development of trade and increase in IP awareness around the world, right holders are aggressively protecting their trademarks. Thus, different jurisdictions have their own set of regulations governing the Law of Trademarks. The procedural requirements to file and process trademark application in every country varies. Similarly provisions dealing with registration and renewal of trademark also varies.

As entities are becoming IP-intensive, they apart from protecting their marks domestically are protecting the same internationally as well. The Madrid System also known as the International Trademark System assists applicants in filing trademark application in multiple jurisdictions. India joined the International Trademark System in the year 2013 and since then rise has been witnessed in international trademark registrations originating in India as well as designating India. The Indian Trademark Registry has also issued guidelines for functioning under the Madrid Protocol.

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