International Design Filing in India

International Design Filing

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A design as per its definition is the aesthetic aspect of a product. It is the ornamental value specific to a certain product. Internationally, design is used as an intellectual property that makes a product stand out from other competing products. Owing to design’s innate universality it is able to enter almost every industry in some way or the other majorly the fashion industry, the electronics manufacturing industry, architecture, home decoration industry, packaging industry etc.

Due to this nature of design it has found its application across industries internationally including the aesthetic value of packaging of products which in term makes it relevant for an array of industries. A design protection grants the owner the right to prevent any third party from manufacturing, importing or selling any product that is same or substantially similar in terms of design (aesthetically or ornamentally) to the protected design.

Design closely functions with other IPs which makes it even more valuable for sustaining international trade of products. A design extends to shape, configuration, surface pattern, ornamentations and composition of lines or colours applied to articles which in the finished state and hence can exist in almost any product.

International industries that rely heavily on industrial design are the fashion industry, textile industry and the architectural field and these industries use design protection to safeguard their economic and competitive interests in the international markets.

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