High-tech telepresence facility launched in the Delhi High Court

May 14, 2019

Source: www.delhihighcourt.nic.in

For the first time in the history of Indian judiciary, the High-tech telepresence facility was inaugurated and launched in the Delhi High Court by Justice Madan B Lokur (former Supreme Court Judge(retd) along with the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, Rajendra Menon. The telepresence facility is first of its kind which would enable the real time video conferencing between the court rooms and judge’s chambers with parties involved even from the distant areas.

As we all are aware of the fact that our judiciary is over loaded with a plethora of pending cases and the hearings in several matters in the Courts are adjourned because of non- availability of the necessary parties, this facility will enable the Courts as well as the parties involved to connect via internet which would further result in fast disposal of cases.

As per reports, the Cisco IX 5000 Telepresence System is a state-of-the-art single-codec triple-screen system combining high-fidelity audio and video collaboration functionality with a seating capacity of 18 people. Its 4K ultra-high definition cameras and theatre-quality audio give impression to participants of sitting across the table. Any documents required to be shared between the parties and the Court can also be done through the camera fitted with the entire telepresence facility. The system can also be easily and conveniently integrated with traditional video-conference system, IP phones and smart devices. Real time interactions can be done with multiple modes and web meetings can be scheduled at any time and place. Telepresence facility will also enable to record statements and also seek expert opinion of the persons sitting at distant places.

With the advancement of technology and growth in digital era, it is a very smart and beneficial move undertaken by the Delhi High Court as it would expedite the disposal of pending cases as well as inter-court connectivity. It will enable the Court to reach out to people even if the concerned person is not physically present in the court due to other engagements. It is a great success for the Indian Judiciary System and is highly commendable.

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