India: Gaming Commissioner appointment and Possible Ban on Goa residents: Casino Industry

August 10, 2018


There was a hike earlier this year in the annual license fees for casinos in Goa by more than 100%.

Ban on Local residents

The Chief Minister of Goa – Mr. Manohar Parikar has been reported[1] to state that in order to regulate the state’s casino gambling industry, the residents of Goa might be restricted from entering local casinos from next year and only tourists will be allowed.

Relocation of Riverboat casinos:

Goa has about 15 different operational casinos. Nine of these operational casinos are on shore and six of them are riverboat casinos which float across the Mandovi River. The riverboat casinos are planned to be relocated to dry land in accordance with the new casino policy which is currently being drafted.[2]

Appointment of Gaming Commissioner:

Mr. Parikar has also been reported[3] to state that the above-mentioned c, monitoring its development, etc. He mentioned that further details about the appointment will notified by the end of the year.

Mr. Parikar also stated that as per the new casino policy the casinos will operate from designated entertainment zones and the relevant licenses to operate will be valid for 10-15 years.


The appointment of Gaming Commissioner, ban on locals from entering local casinos and relocation of riverboat casinos would be major steps in the revamping of casino policy in Goa. If the casino industry can be regulated properly then it has the potential to reap a lot of revenue for the Government.




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