Myanmar opens Doors to Industrial Design Protection

February 6, 2024
Intellectual Property Department (IPD)

By Dhruv Mathur and Shivam Malvi

The official announcement has been made by the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) of Myanmar regarding the commencement of accepting industrial design protection applications, which has supposedly begun on February 01, 2024.

The most recent declaration from the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) of Myanmar arrives three months after the notification of implementation of the Industrial Design Law on 31st of October 2023. The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) issued the Industrial Design Rules on 29th of September 2023, serving as another crucial mechanism for overseeing the registration of industrial designs in Myanmar.

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) of Myanmar had released the necessary forms for filing industrial designs in accordance with the latest announcement from the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) of Myanmar. This was done vide Notification No. 71/2023 on 27th of October 23, followed by Notification No. 2/2023 on 29th of December 2023, which provided information on the official fees associated with the filing process.

Flowchart of Industrial Design

Industrial Design Flowchart

According to Notification No. 71/2023, it is necessary to submit the ID-1 form to the Registrar when applying for the registration of an industrial design. If the applicant is not the creator, they must also include the ID-1a form. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being ineligible to apply for the registration of an industrial design.

To apply for the registration of an industrial design, the applicant shall submit the following documents:

• The complete application form (ID 1) in which the necessary information is filled in.
• The necessary clear representations
• The requisite fees

Industrial design owners have various methods available to them for submitting registration applications for new industrial designs with the IPD. These methods include electronic submission, in-person submission (either directly or through a local representative), or submission by mail.

To secure registration under Myanmar’s industrial design law, it is essential for the designs to be unique and original. This means that the design should not have been made available or display anywhere to the public in Myanmar or any other country before the application date or the claimed priority date.


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