Public notice regarding missing trademark files in Indian Trademarks Registry

April 25, 2011

In pursuance of the directions issued by the Delhi High Court, the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademarks has issued a Public Notice on April 25, 2011 informing the public and the registered proprietors that 44,404 files related to registered Trademarks are missing from different branches of the Trademark Registry.
The Trademark Registry has critical information in digital format in respect of all the missing files such as the Trademark applied for, the name of the Applicant, the address for correspondence, agent on record as available in the Trademarks Journal and details of renewal and subsequent changes available in the electronic history records of the concerned mark.
According to the said notice, in order to update the Trademark office records it has become important to reconstitute these missing files with inputs from the registered proprietors and to ensure better protection and maintenance of the marks in the interest of the registered proprietors.
All registered proprietors/Agents of registered Trademarks have been requested to furnish self attested copies of the relevant documents before 31st July, 2011 at the appropriate Registry.
The documents so furnished will be digitalized and uploaded in the electronic server of the Registry so as to maintain electronic records.
However, perusal and verification of the said list of missing files revealed that almost 7153 files were “missing” from the said list of missing files as only 36,891 files are mentioned in the Registry’s list of missing files.
In continuation to the earlier notice dated April 25, 2011, the Registry issued another notification dated July 28, 2011 and has uploaded a fresh list of missing files after deducting the files traced, reconstituted and removed due to nonpayment of renewal. The date for filing the copies of the relevant documents in respect of missing files has been extended to 31st July, 2011.
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