“From Electric Cars to Air Purifiers”: Innovation Festival


“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress”

Li Keqiang[1]

On the weekend of February 7-9, 2019 all the budding minds in New Delhi flocked to the National Science Centre (NSC), Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for the Innovation Festival, 2019. It aimed to foster a passion and aptitude for science and technology and provide a unique platform to avant-garde and creative Innovators. There were around thirty stalls at the fair showcasing their fantastic innovations. The festival was a celebration of science and innovation with first-hand information from the creators themselves. It was about participation, not competition. This was a place to meet and interact with likeminded innovators from different walks of life.

S.S. Rana & Co. marked its presence, for the fourth time, at the festival, through its CSR Initiative, IP4KIDS, a sensitization program to spread awareness about Intellectual Property Rights among the younger generation. The idea was to ignite a spark in the young minds about Intellectual Property Rights, so that they learn how to protect their inventions, creativity and be incentivized for their contribution to the human race. The initiative aims to stimulate in the young minds of children a culture of innovation, and to inculcate in them a respect for the fruits of one’s labor, as we firmly believe that when one creates IP, he respects IP, as he expects others to respect his IP as well. Building respect for IP means helping create an environment in which IP can fulfill its role to stimulate innovation and creation. It also means fostering an environment in which the system of protection provides equitable benefits for both innovators and users of IP.

With a team of volunteers, theIP4KIDS welcomed the curious minds to educate them and give a perception about Intellectual Property. With a number of engaging activities like IP Quiz, Logo Quiz, Idea Contest, One on One interaction, the event gave an opportunity to the younger generation to openly discuss and know about Intellectual Property Law. There were also mini parallel events organized by the National Science Centre such as Creative Robo Design, Make it at Science Centre, On the spot Design, Family Science Quiz, etc.

The turnout was better than last year and feedback showed that all, especially the kids enjoyed the interactive session with the IP4KIDS team. The volunteers from the firm also delivered a a presentation on ‘Importance of Intellectual Property’ during a special session titled ‘Safeguarding Ideas’ organized by NSC. The session was very interactive as the participants were very inquisitive about the Intellectual Property Rights.

Overall the response was positive. The fruitful event concluded with the firm being awarded a memento for participating in the fest and spreading awareness about Intellectual Property Rights among the younger generation.


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