S.S. Rana & Co at FICPI – International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

FICPI Panelist

The FICPI – International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys ExCo & 21st Open Forum in London from October 4th to 7th, witnessed a captivating session on one of the intense subjects of our times i.e. a deliberation of the possible impact of #ArtificialIntelligence on IP and the Legal profession.

The Members of FICPI’s CET and PMC, namely Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner at SSRANA & Co., and Brett Slaney, Founding Partner at CPST Intellectual Property Inc., presented the captivating session, which comprised numerous questions that would help in ascertaining the global perspective about AI’s impact in the legal profession.

The session was highly interactive and reflected some thought-provoking elucidations such as, while some legal professionals have started using AI Tools, some are still contemplating its use in their legal profession, the ethical, IP infringement issues, accountability, reliability issues that may emanate in view of use of AI in legal profession, verification of content/ response generated AI etc.

The session saw an overwhelming response and reflected diverse thoughts and ideas on the burning topic, which helped in contouring thoughts about the plausible issues that may emanate as a result of the use of AI tools in the legal profession.

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