“Health is like money. You never know the value of it until you lost it.” Truly said. A person having a good health will have a good life. To become wealthy in life you need to earn a good health and not just the money. 31st May is the day which reminds us how important life is.
It’s the World No Tobacco Day or Anti-Tobacco day. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the effects of chewing tobacco and Nicotine that causes cancer and many severe diseases. In order to maintain a good health, you need to eat healthily, feel healthy and on the top of it, you should not have an addiction to those products that are harmful to your health. These products though they give you pleasure for a while, in the long run they are extremely harmful.

World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on 31 May. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. The day is further intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects. The member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) created World No Tobacco Day in 1987. In the past twenty one years, the day has been met with both enthusiasm and resistance around the globe from governments, public health organizations, smokers, growers, and the tobacco industry.

In light of the above, for this year’s World No Tobacco Day we at SSRana & Co., organized a training session for the supporting staff, in an effort to spread the message about hazardous effect of consuming tobacco and its complications on others as well.

There are many people around us who have the habit of chewing tobacco. Convey your feelings to them and tell them how important they are and their life is to you. If they really love you and care for you then this small effort from you may work and your dear one may quit the habit of tobacco.

Awareness on not to consume tobacco
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