Innovater resolve

Nihit Nagpal, Associate Partner at SSRANA & Co., was invited to moderate a panel discussion on Alternate Dispute Resolution #ADRstrategies in resolving IP disputes.

Mr. Nagpal along with other co-panelists’ elucidated about various IP rights followed by infringement of the IP rights and resolving such disputes by ADR techniques. The second part of session also focused on challenges on arbitrability of an IP disputes and its enforcement.

Mr. Nagpal also highlighted a case handled by him wherein he was successful in getting a lawsuit dismissed in India in view of an arbitration clause under the New York Convention and at the same time litigated an IP dispute between the same parties in India, which eventually led to mediation and resolution of all commercial and IP disputes.

The session concluded with a deliberation on ADR techniques adopted to resolve IP disputes including but not limited to Domain name disputes and other contractual disputes.

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