SSRANA & Co. conducted workshop at Tarraqi I Foundation (TiF), New Delhi

Taraqqui foundation Children

We are pleased to share that Anuradha Gandhi, Managing Associate accompanied by Isha Sharma, Associate Advocate at SSRANA & Co., had the honor of leading a captivating workshop on #POSH law for the bright and enthusiastic students of the Tarraqi I Foundation (TiF), New Delhi on November 28, 2023. The session, thoughtfully tailored for two batches, proved to be a resounding success, thanks to the student’s keen interest and active participation.

Witnessing the vibrant engagement and intellect of these students, who are on the brink of shaping the future of India, was nothing short of inspiring. It’s heartening to see that the foundation recognises the significance of imparting knowledge about POSH law to these aspiring professionals. Understanding the relevance of this legislation and its intricacies as they embark on their professional journey is crucial, and its commendable that the foundation is dedicated to equipping these students with the necessary understanding, ensuring that they step into their careers and contribute to organizations, well informed and empowered.

The enthusiasm displayed by these young minds reflects a promising future for India. Empowering the next generation with knowledge and awareness is a responsibility that we shall share and it was a privilege to contribute to the learning journey of these aspiring individuals.

A huge thanks to the foundation for fostering an environment that encourages learning and growth.With Children

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