Vikrant Rana of S.S. Rana & Co., speaks at the Capacity Building Programme for Police Officers


Adding to our Firm’s commitment of spreading IP awareness, Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner, of SSRana & Co, conducted a session titled, “Practical aspects of Investigation of IP and related Economic Crimes”, at the Capacity Building Programme for Police Officers organized by FICCI on July 27, 2018. The theme of the workshop revolved around the Socio-Economic Impact of Counterfeiting, Smuggling and Piracy and Vikrant briefly elucidated on how India’s large manufacturing potential have long made it one of the primary sources of global counterfeit and kock-off goods. Amongst a host of other topics, Vikrant’s session particularly focused on the recent trend of growing use of websites and social media to market infringing products to a global audience.

Among other highlights of the day, the Session was preceded by a plenary Session by Dr. Alka Chawla, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, on the “Overview of Legal Provisions relating to Offences & Penalties for Counterfeiting and Smuggling”, and on a personal note, Vikrant’s IP teacher during his college days at Delhi University.

This personal milestone of sharing a dais with one of his mentors was even eclipsed by the fact that July 27 was the day when Guru Poornima is celebrated in India to revere one’s teachers/mentors and express them gratitude.

spreading IP awareness
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