Vikrant Rana invited as Panelist by World Auto Forum (WAF) 


AI in Action- Industry’s Best Use Cases, Learnings & Caveats

We are pleased to share that Mr. Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner , S.S.Rana & Co. was invited as a panelist by the World Auto Forum WAF on the occasion of the 5th Edition of WAFit! – World Auto Forum on IT, powered by FICCI & NASSCOM Centre of Excellence- IoT & AI, for a panel discussion on the intriguing Theme of “AI in Action- Industry’s Best Use Cases, Learnings & Caveats.

The Panel was graced by the presence of some distinguished speakers like  Pravin Hungund , Chief Technologist & Global Head Technovation Centre , CTO Office, Wipro Limited and Nirvan Biswas, Chief Technology Officer, National Bulk Handling Corporation.

While discussing this gripping aspect of technology driven age, Mr. Rana elaborated on the use  of AI in the Automoblie Industry and also the IP as well as legal issues which may be confronted while implementation of fully autonomous vehicles in India. **He also elucidated on myriad aspects of AI like ethical, social and financial issues, accountability of AI handlers and creators, safety and reliability of AI, data protection and privacy issues etc.

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