Webinars with Team SSRANA and Sharda University– Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner

Sharda University– Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner

Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner, S.S. Rana & Co. was invited as a speaker for a webinar on ‘IPR and E-Content’ organized by the Sharda University, New Delhi, on August 29, 2020.

In this highly enriching session, Mr Rana elucidated on the interplay between copyright and the digital content. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it is commonplace now for various institutions utilizing digital world to educate & engage students. This has led to online content generation and its misuse at a gigantic manner. Therefore, with the same thought in mind he deliberated on the myriad aspects of IP Laws especially Copyrights for the protection of online content. Further, he threw some light on the various stakeholders of the online content, kinds of rights created and the do’s and dont’s for these stakeholders.

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