Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The cornerstone of Corporate Social Responsibility is philanthropy. We believe that it is our moral responsibility to help the impoverished and needy sect of the society. We therefore provide legal and monetary aid to local organizations, deserving grassroots innovators, artisans and creators. We also encourage all our employees for voluntary charity work

The Firm in 2009 had established Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust to extend financial and non financial support to grass root programs working in the areas of Education, Health and Community Development. The Firm in association with the VDR Trust works towards its objective of ‘Helping People Help Themselves’ by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity.

Green Policy


  • Creating awareness and educating the employees about Climate Change and Environmental issues
  • To set an example in the industry by taking appropriate steps to become one of most environment friendly firms thereby becoming a driving force for others
  • To protect and preserve the environment at the individual as well as organizational level
  • Aiming towards becoming a carbon neutral firm in the near future


  • Reducing energy consumption by :
    • using energy efficient CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamps) through out office premises
    • switching-off computer systems and other electrical devices when not in use
    • using energy efficient electrical appliances
    • encouraging use of natural day light
  • Specifically aiming to reduce carbon emissions by:
    • encouraging employees to prefer public transport or car pooling
    • conducting video and tele-conferences with clients, concerned authorities to avoid air travel, car travel or otherwise
    • collecting and donating e-waste to NGOs for recycling
    • monitoring and regulating air conditioning at optimal temperatures
  • Preserving and protecting environment by:
    • minimizing paper usage in the organization
    • recycling paper waste
    • e-filing of applications in order to reduce 50% of paper work
    • encouraging green plantations in and around office premises
  • Observing World Environment Day every year by organizing a green quiz and engaging employees in sapling plantation in the green areas around the office premises
  • Making our organization and surrounding premises a no-smoking zone
  • Planning to invest in renewable energy projects in the near future in order to off set our carbon emissions

As a part of social responsibility Green Policy Committee in our office initiated a campaign “Recycling of e-waste” by giving Electronic Waste to E-waste Recycler authorized by State Pollution Control Board so that the e-waste products are destroyed properly.

Benefits of recycling of e-waste are as follows:

  • elimination of health and environmental hazards
  • conservation of resources
  • energy efficiency
  • economic growth

To help in our aforesaid initiative, you may consider to contribute in the campaign by providing e-waste products as available in your homes & those of your known people to any E-waste recycler authorized by Pollution Control Board.

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