India: Bihar earns 3 GI Tags for Agricultural Products – Katarni Rice, Zardalu Mango and Magahi Paan

April 23, 2018

On March 28, 2018, State of Bihar earned 3 exclusive Geographical Indication Tag for agricultural products namely, Katarni Rice, Zardalu Mango and Magahi Paan.

Katarni Rice

The tag of Katarni Rice was given by the Geographical Indications Registry, Chennai vide registration no. 553 on March 28, 2018. Katarni Rice is the most prevalent, ceremonial and finest quality scented rice of Bihar, India. The word “Katami” literally means an awl with a hook at the end for sewing. Awl is a pointed tool for making holes in wood or leather. The name Katami has been derived due to the shape of the apex of paddy which is similar to the tip of awl. It is famous for its aromatic flavour, palatability and chura (beaten rice) making qualities.

Geographical area of production of Katarni Rice as defined by the Department of Agriculture is comprised of south alluvial Gangetic plane of Munger, Banka and South Bhagalpur.

Zardalu Mango

On March 28, 2018, State of Bihar was given Geographical Indication Tag for Zardalu Mango vide registration no. 551 by the Geographical Registry, Chennai. Bhagalpuri Zardalu mango is a unique variety of mango grown in Bhagarpur and adjoining districts of Bihar. It is a creamy yellow coloured fruit which possesses exceptional fruit quality and an enticing aroma. It is believed that Bhagalpuri Zardalu mango was first cultivated in this region by Maharaja Rahmat Ali Khan Bahadur of Khadakpur.

Magahi Paan

The State of Bihar earned another Geographical Indication Tag for Magahi Paan vide registration no. 554 on March 28, 2018. Magahi paan is a leading cultivar of Bihar origin, specially grown in the Magadh regions of four districts-Aurangabad, Gaya, Nawada and Nalanda. Magahi paan growing in these areas are of excellent quality and it is an expensive among other betel leaf. Its betel quid is pungent, less fibrous, and easily soluble inside mouth. It is known for appearance, shiny dark green colour, typical taste, and excellent keeping quality.

In addition to Agricultural goods, State of Bihar has also earned Geographical Indication Registrations in respect of Handicrafts goods. Details thereof are a under:

Registration No. Geographical Indications Goods
5 Sikki Grass Work of Bihar Handicraft
37 Madhubani Paintings Handicraft
73 Applique – Khatwa Patch Work of
74 Sujini Embroidery Work of Bihar Handicraft
180 Bhagalpur Silk Handicraft
537 Applique (Khatwa) Work of Bihar Handicraft
536 Sikki Grass Products of Bihar Handicraft
538 Sujini Embroidery Work of
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