India: Facebook removed nearly 3 Million posts following Intellectual Property related complaints

January 11, 2018

Taking a very strong step towards the fight against counterfeits, Facebook axed nearly 3 million posts from its services during the first half of 2017, following complaints of copyright and trademark infringement this year.

The step was taken on December 18, 2017, after the ninth ‘Transparency Report’ [1] of the Company was released. The posts included individual posts, photos, videos or advertisements to profiles on Facebook, and photos, videos, advertisements or accounts on Instagram. Chris Sonderby, a Deputy General Counsel at the company, said in a blog post ‘this is the first time Facebook has provided data on reports from rights holders. The worldwide data on intellectual property-related takedowns is a new disclosure for Facebook as part of its biannual “Transparency Report”. We believe that sharing information about (intellectual property) reports we receive from rights holders is an important step toward being more open and clear about how we protect the people and businesses that use our services.[2]

The data in the report show there were about 377,400 complaints from January through June, out of which 60% was related to alleged copyright violations. The company removed user uploads in response to 81 percent of filings for counterfeiting, 68 percent for copyrights and 47 percent for trademarks, according to its report. The percentages were roughly similar for Instagram.

Facebook provides surveillance tools that alert the intellectual property proprietors about the alleged copies of their protected works on Facebook server and misuse of their brand. A takedown request for unauthorized uses could be sent by the proprietors to a team of Facebook content analysts.

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