IPO Issues Notice for Disposal of Cases Pending in Opposition/ Rectification and which have been Settled Amicably

September 20, 2019

In a welcome move, the Trade Marks Registry has issued a Public Notice dated September 19, 2019 so as to expedite the conclusion of such opposition/rectification matters which, though have been amicably resolved by the concerned parties, have not been subjected to closure vide a final order by the Registry.
The reason cited for the delay in passing final orders is ‘Lack of Information’ in respect of the pending matters with the Trade Marks Registry. In view of the same, the Registry has directed parties concerned in such opposition/rectification matters, to bring the said matters to the notice of the concerned officers of the respective branches of the Trade Marks Registry, and to provide them with documents in support thereof vide emails as listed in the notice.

IPO Issues Notice for Disposal of Cases Pending in Opposition
branches of the Trade Marks Registry

The move is a commendable effort on the Registry’s part to reduce its backlog of pending opposition/rectification cases, and the same will subsequently also pave way for other matters which have not been settled between parties and require to be heard by the Registry on a priority basis for early disposal. Further, the said efforts may also prove to be a boon to parties who even after entering into settlement, have not been able to successfully obtain registration and exercise statutory rights over their trade marks.  

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