Delhi High Court First To Introduce Neutral Citation System For Its Judgements

October 17, 2022
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By Priya Adlakha and Shilpi Sinha

The Hon’ble Delhi High Court in its circular dated October 15, 2022 announced that, it is introducing a neutral citation system with effect from October 17, 2022 for all its judgement uploaded on the official website

The neutral citation number will have three elements – ‘YEAR/DHC/AUTO GENERATED NUMBER’ for every judgement uploaded on the High Court’s official website. The said number will be auto-generated and will appear at the top of each page of the judgement.

In furtherance to this, an additional search field under the name ‘NCUSN’ has also been added under the ‘Judgement – PDF Judgement’ tab of the DHC website, to ease search of judgement by its neutral citation number, in addition to the existing key words i.e. Case number, Judge name, Judgment date and Party name. Here is the snapshot of the updated website:


Delhi High Judgement Information System

Judgement System Delhi

Click here to read the official circular issued by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

Delhi High Court is known among all the High Courts of India, for being expeditious when it comes to adapting new technology, innovative thinking, streamlining its practices and procedures including fastest filing and listing of cases, which can be seen from its quick adaptation of Commercial Courts Act, adaptation to Virtual Court hearings, Creating specialized IP Division and now this neutral citation number. We trust that this neutral citation system, over the period of time, will bring uniformity in the citations relied upon in the Court.

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