Public Notice by Indian Patent Office: clarification between Online filing and IPO Counter filing

February 20, 2015

Important Notice

The Office of the Controller General, Patents, Designs & Trademark has issued a notice on February 18, 2015 in an attempt to clarify the discrepancies between documents filed through the online system and those filed at the Patent Office counter as a follow-up to online filing.

The Office has now informed the stakeholders that the documents filed through the online system shall only be considered for further processing and examination and their physical copies are not required to be filed again except for the following documents:

1) Power of Attorney

2) Proof of right

3) Assignments

4) Certified copies

5) Certified copy of translations

6) License agreements

7) Mortgages

8) Any other notarized document

The office reserves the right to call for any document in original, if required.

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