Statement Issued on Sexual Harassment by United World Wrestling

June 1, 2023
United World Wrestling sexual Harassment

By Anuradha Gandhi and Isha Sharma

For several months, United World Wrestling (UWW) has followed the situation in India where wrestlers are protesting over allegations of abuse and harassment by the President of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). It has taken due note that the WFI President has been put aside at an early stage and is currently not in charge.

Statement issued by UWW on sexual harassment

The United World Wrestling in its statement has firmly condemned the treatment and detention of the wrestlers. It expresses its disappointment over the lack of results of the investigations so far. UWW urges the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations.

As it has already done since the beginning of this situation, UWW will hold a meeting with the wrestlers to inquire about their condition and safety and reconfirm our support for a fair and just resolution of their concerns.

Finally, UWW will request further information about the next elective general assembly from the IOA and the Ad-hoc Committee of the WFI. The 45-day deadline that was initially set to hold this elective assembly shall be respected. Failing to do so may lead UWW to suspend the federation, thereby forcing the athletes to compete under a neutral flag. It is reminded that UWW already took a measure in this situation by reallocating the Asian Championship planned in New Delhi earlier this year[1].


Soumya Madnani, Internship at S.S. Rana & Co has assisted in the research of this article.

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