Results of Write-a-Thon Declared!!


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2nd Essay Writing Competition in celebration of

National Sports Day’s August 29, 2018

We are extremely delighted to receive such an overwhelming response from students of various reputed schools and colleges from all over India who participated in the said essay completion in celebration of
National Sports Day. Sport shows intellectual property (IP) in action. Patents encourage technological advances that result in better sporting equipment. Trademarks, brands and designs contribute to the distinct identity of events, teams and their gear. Copyright-related rights generate the revenues needed for broadcasters to invest in the costly undertaking of broadcasting sports events to fans all over the world. IP rights are the basis of licensing and merchandising agreements that earn revenues to support development of the sports industry.

This year, the underlying idea behind choosing a theme related to Intellectual Property while celebrating National Sports Day is to explore how innovation is making our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable by turning problems into progress. The epoch-making changes that we have undergone in the past was given birth to by the ordinary people who innovate extraordinary things for the better. Their innovations take myriad forms, from the mundane to the seemingly miraculous. Innovation is a human force that knows no limits which turns problems into progress pushing the boundaries of possibility, creating unprecedented new capabilities.

India being a cornucopia of knowledge, capabilities and skill has left no stone unturned in protecting its creativity. In the recent times Indian Judiciary has delivered such judgments in the sphere of Intellectual Property which apart from expanding its scope in India have also been exemplary worldwide.

Write-a-Thon– The Results

Of the multiple entries received, we have shortlisted the winning entries –
The winners of the Competition are –

College Category:

  1. Mr. Anirudh Vijay, of
    Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi who wrote on the topic, “Problems in Fantasy Sports“.
  2. Dr. Ram Prasad Boda, of Osmania Medical College and General Hospital, Hyderabad who wrote on the topic “Sports Management and Intellectual Property
  3. Mr. Jajati Jena, of Radhanath Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Cuttack who wrote on the topic, “The role of IP in Sports”.

School Category:

  1. Ms. Zubia Farheen, of Noble High School, Bhainsa, Telangana who wrote on the topic, “Sport and Intellectual Property
  2. Mr. Neeli Rishi Sairaj, of St. Mary’s Centenary Junior College, Telangana who wrote on the topic, “The Role of IP in Sports

Heartiest Congratulations on behalf IP4kids and S.S. Rana & Co. to all the winners. The prizes will reach the winners soon.

All participants shall receive a participation certificate from the firm.

We encourage such participation from students of all educational institutes in the future.

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