TIFAC Seminar- Ananyaa Banerjee on Copyright Management in Academic Institutions

TIFAC Seminar

Insights on lecture at TIFAC, New Delhi

It gives us immense pleasure to share that Ms. Ananyaa Banerjee, Managing Associate at SSRANA, was invited by TIFAC, New Delhi, at Techno Demo Centre, Guwahati, to deliver a lecture on “Copyright Management in Academic Institutions and Industry”.

TIFAC, with the support of North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach #NECTAR (DST), organized a 5 day seminar for entrepreneurs and innovators on Understanding, Scouting, Protecting and Utilising Intellectual Property.

Ms. Banerjee conducted an interactive session, covering the aspects of copyright prosecution and enforcement and discussed the thin line between infringement and plagiarism. Topics such as fair use/dealing and copyright in the times of e-learning were also detailed upon at the seminar.

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