Webinars with Team S.S. Rana & Co. – Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner!

Intellectual Property Audit

Embracing the digital change, Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner, S.S. Rana & Co., conducted a webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Audit’. The webinar was organized in association with Intellectual Property Analysis and Advocacy Centre (IPAAC) center of National Law University Odisha (NLUO) on June 4, 2020.

webinar on Intellectual Property Audit

In this highly enriching session, Vikrant stressed on explaining how an IP audit, which is a systematic review IP asset of a business entity, can unleash the significance of intangible assets in the growth of the business entity. Through various examples and practical instances, he threw some light on conduction, the nuances and benefits of an Intellectual Property Audit that will eventually lead to effective utilization of IP and also identify the loopholes of the existing processes as well.

Vikrant stressed on explaining how an IP audit


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