Webinars with Team S.S. Rana & Co. – Nihit Nagpal, Managing Associate.!

Webinar Nihit Nagpal, Managing Associate

Nihit Nagpal, Managing Associate, SS Rana & Co. conducted a webinar on ‘Impact of Covid 19 on Arbitration Proceedings’. The webinar was conducted in association with UILS, Punjab University, Chandigarh on May 11, 2020.

Webinar Nihit nagpal 2020

In this highly enriching session, Nihit started by expounding on the prevailing domestic and international commercial Arbitration laws and how the intervention of Courts in Arbitration proceedings during country wide lockdown due to *Covid-19* is a major challenge.

He also threw light on the future of Arbitration proceedings lies in technology and documents only Institutional Arbitrations with minimal intervention of Courts in India.

He ended the discussion by interactive question and answer session discussing expert witness in International commercial Arbitration, Arbitability of IP disputes etc.

Webinar screenshot Nihit Nagpal 2020

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