Happy World Book and Copyright Day!!!

SSRana Event Happy World Book and Copyright Day 2020


April 23rd, is celebrated as World Book and Copyright Day also known as the International Day of Books. In an attempt to give ode to the books and their authors along with the laws that protect these magnanimous creations, Unites Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) organizes this annual event on April 23 each year. These events are centered around the promotion of reading books and enabling creativity through laws and creating legal awareness about the intellectual property of the creators.

Copyright laws provide for a base and a steady ground for the creators, and aids in understanding and promoting their work and its resulting economic relevance. The aim of copyright laws internationally is the promotion of creativity and protecting an author against illegal exploitation. However, it cannot be undermined that the copyright laws also provide for a universal exchange of ideas and artistic/creative works as the copyright laws are uniform in their essence across the globe. This not only facilitates a free and more enabling movement of intellectual property, but also gives the creator a chance to reach out to as many people as possible. Copyright protection not only incentivizes the creators and authors but also attracts more imaginative and creative works to flow freely and unhindered, all because of the knowledge that copyright laws have their backs.

We at S.S. Rana & Co. strongly believe and promote the “power of the new”. Be it new creations or merely new ideas waiting to turn into something big.

We wish everyone a Happy World Book and Copyright Day 2020!!!

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