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Understanding different types of Patent Applications in Pakistan

What are the different types of applications in Pakistan?

How to file a Patent application in Pakistan?

Patent applications can be filed in Pakistan as:

a) Ordinary Application

How to file an ordinary patent application in Pakistan?

An ordinary patent application is the application which is filed with the Pakistan Patent Office without claiming priority from any other application under process with any other Patent Office.

b) Provisional and Complete Application

How to file a Provisional and Complete application in Pakistan?

A provisional specification is often the first application to be filed in respect of an invention. It usually contains only a brief description of the invention and need not contain claims. However, a complete specification must be filed within 12 months from the date of filing of the provisional specification. The complete specification contains the full description of the invention i.e. title, field of invention, background of invention, description of related art, drawbacks of prior art, summary of invention, brief description of figures, the detailed description of preferred embodiments, claims and abstract, and the best mode of working.

c) Convention Application

How to file Convention Application in Pakistan?

As per section 2(c) of Patents Ordinance, convention application is an application that is made in Pakistan within twelve months after the date of an application made in a convention country, whether claiming single or multiple priorities from such application.

d) Patent of addition

How to file Patent of Addition in Pakistan?

In accordance with Section 39 and 40 of the Patents Ordinance, 2000, a patent of addition is a mere improvement or modification of an already filed invention. An application of patent of addition shall either have the same date of filing of the complete specification or later in respect of the main invention. An application of patent of addition is not granted a patent before the main invention. No renewal fee is required to be paid for the patent of addition and it expires along with the main invention/patent. However, if the main patent is revoked, then the patent of addition may be converted into an independent patent on request of the applicant(s). Under such circumstances, same renewal fee must be paid as if the patent has been originally granted as an independent patent.

e) Divisional application

How to file Divisional application in Pakistan?

As per Section 13 of the Patents Ordinance, 2000, an applicant may, before the acceptance of the application, divide it into two or more applications provided that each application shall not go beyond the disclosure in the first application. Such application(s) are called as divisional application(s). Each divisional application shall have the priority date of the first application.

Sources: Patents Ordinance, 2000



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