Understanding Patent Search in Pakistan

How to do Patent Search in Pakistan?

In general, patent search is conducted before filing an application for patent in order to ensure that the invention is not a prior art or state of the art.

In section 8(2) of the Patents Ordinance, 2000, “prior art” or “state of the art” is defined in as comprising:  

  • Everything disclosed to the public anywhere in the world by publication in tangible form, by oral disclosure, by use or in any other way, before the filing date or the priority date, of the claimed invention;
  •  The contents of the complete specification and priority documents of an application filed in Pakistan published when the application is accepted; and
  •  Traditionally developed or existing knowledge available or in possession of a local or indigenous community. At present, the Patent Office of Pakistan doesn’t have any online patent search database. However a request can be made with the Patent Office for patent search on form P-27 along with prescribed fees.

What are the criteria for Patent search in Pakistan?

The patent search in Pakistan can be based on any of the following criteria:

  • Patent No.;
  • Application No. for patent;
  • Name of Patentee/Applicant;
  • Title of Invention/Application;
  •  Subject matter of patent(s); and
  •  Classification of the patent(s).

Below is the snapshot of P-27 –Request for Search:

Sources: Patents Ordinance, 2000



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