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Understanding protection of Trademarks in Sri Lanka

How to protect a trademark in Sri Lanka?

Remedies available for protection of trademarks in Sri Lanka are:

Civil Action

The competent Courts can be moved for grant of relief of injunction against infringement and/or passing off.

Criminal Proceedings

Criminal complaints can also be filed against persons who have infringed the trademark in Sri Lanka in addition to a civil action.

Administrative Remedies

Notice of opposition can be filed against trademark applications published in the Trademarks Journal in Sri Lanka. Proceedings can be initiated for rectification/cancellation of registered trademarks before the Registrar of Trademarks.

Border Measures

Sri Lanka law has certain border control measures (limited to Sri Lanka) to combat counterfeit goods and Copyright works. Sri Lanka Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003 provides the Customs officials the requisite powers to seize pirated Copyright goods in contravention with the provision of the said Act.

The Sri Lanka Customs Department has established an Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Unit. This Unit was established for the purpose of safeguarding the rights of Intellectual Property Right holders and to protect the society from counterfeit and pirated goods

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