What works are copyrightable subject matter in Nepal?

The Copyright Act 2059 (2002) defines work as any work presented originally and intellectually in the field of literature, art and science and in any other field, and further extends the term to also include the following works:

(1) Book, pamphlet, article, thesis,
(2) Drama, dramatic-music, dumb show and a work prepared to perform in such manner,
(3) Musical notation with or without words,
(4) Audio visual works,
(5) Architectural design,
(6) Fine Arts, painting, work of sculpture, work of woodcarving, lithography, and other work relating to architecture,
(7) Photographic work,
(8) Work of applied art,
(9) Illustration, map, plan, three-dimensional work relating to geography, and scientific article and work,
(10) Computer program.

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