Applicants can now submit electronic reply to Office Actions

July 7, 2013

The “Comprehensive e-filing services for Patents” will now also enable the applicants to submit reply to the Office Actions, including a reply to the first and second objection report, electronically. The Patent Office has stated that such a system would result in internal automation and speedy disposal of Applications. The applicants shall, however, be required to submit the Original copies of documents such as Power of Attorney and Certified Copy of Priority Documents with the Patent Office.

It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive e-filing for Patents was launched in December last year that upgraded the then-existing E-filing system by providing Dual way login (Digital Signature as well as Password based) and facility for filing all the prescribed forms and all entries as per Schedule 1 of the Patents Rules, 2003, besides application for grant of patent.

The Comprehensive E-filing portal can be accessed from the Patent Office’s Website at:

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