CGPDTM Notice with respect to application filing receipts and related facilities

January 10, 2013

No.CG/F/Public Notice/2014/57

The CGPDTM on January 10, 2014 issued a public notice wherein it has informed that with the objective of enhancing transparency in public delivery system and to ensure authentication of the documents delivered by Registry to the stakeholders the system of QR Code(s) has been extended to other documents as well and from now onwards QR Code(s) would also appear on the Application Filing Receipts (AFRs) which would facilitate the applicants/ stakeholders in verifying the contents of the AFRs issued by the various Patent Offices.

The CGPDTM has further declared that the applicants/ stakeholders will be informed about the issue of AFRs via e-mail and gradually through SMS as well in the future which would eventually abandon the system of issue of AFRs through post. In view thereof, the CGPDTM has requested the applicants/ stakeholders to register their official mobile number and official e-mail address with the Patent Office at the time of CBR generation.

The CGPDTM has further informed that the system of sending AFRs through post will be discontinued after the AFRs are sent by e-mail to the applicants/ agents.

The aforesaid system of sending AFRs via e-mail and SMS can be touted as a progressive step of the Indian Registry towards digitization and we hope to encounter more such facilitations in future which enhances convenience in public deliver system and also saves time.

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