February 3, 2014

The effort of making judicial proceedings go paperless took yet another leap when the notification regarding e-filing of matters in the Original Side jurisdiction was issued by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi on January 30, 2014.

We had, in our article dated October 23, 2013, covered the Delhi High Court’s Notification dated October 23, 2013 regarding e-filing of cases in the Delhi High Court in respect of the Company and Tax jurisdictions only. Now taking a step further, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of High Court of Delhi on the recommendation of the Hon’ble Computer Committee, has directed that it shall be mandatory to file soft copy in CD-R / DVD-R in Original Side jurisdiction matters with effect from February 01, 2014. However, the soft copy shall be in addition to the existing paper filing of cases and shall be accompanied by an undertaking of the Advocate on the paper book, “Certified that the soft copy filed herewith is a replica of the hard-copy filed.”

The present notification also lays down the procedure for filing soft copies of documents in the following manner:-

  • Prepare original text material / documents, viz. index, notice of motion, memo of parties, main petition, interlocutory applications, etc. in MS Word or Open Office, as per the format already prescribed for hard copy;
  • Convert documents into PDF using any PDF converter tool or inbuilt PDF conversion functionality of word processing software;
  • Scan documents, viz. notarized affidavit(s), signed vakalatnama, certified copy of order or award / agreement and annexures, etc. (other than text material) using 300 dpi;
  • Merge both type documents, prepared in MS Word or Open Office and scanned, in a single PDF searchable (OCR, i.e. Optical Character Recognition / Reader) and bookmark the documents strictly as per the index of hard copy. Burn the merged single file on a CD-R / DVD-R;
  • Present hard copy, as usual, along with the CD-R / DVD-R at the Delhi High Court filing counter at the time of filing. (Details of the case to be written in black ink using black marker on the CD mailer (padded) cover as well as on the CD under the signature of Counsel.)

The present notification also provides that for any assistance or training, Mr. Sarsij Kumar, System Analyst and Mr. Zameem Ahmad Khan, Computer Cell, Ground Floor, A-Block, Delhi High Court may be contacted.

The notification dated January 30, 2014 can be accessed from the Delhi High Court website at:


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