How IP Propelled an Iconic Doll

July 26, 2023
launch of Barbie in 1951

By Vikrant Rana and Hashmeeta Sehgal

Since the launch of Barbie in 1951, it has been a childhood name to almost every kid. Even today while maintaining its reputation, Barbie has again become the buzz of the town and one cannot fail to slip an eye on strong hold of Mattel Inc., on its Intellectual Property.

With first application filed for the mark “BARBIE” in class 28 in the year 1985 in India Mattel Inc., has been rigorously protecting its IP rights through trademark registrations, oppositions and litigation. In the year 2017, Mattel had filed a suit against producers of a Hindi movie “Tere Intezaar” for the trademark infringement of “Barbie” due to inclusion of the song titled “Barbie Girl” in their movie.

Some more intriguing details of Mattel’s Intellectual Property related to Barbie are as follows:

Barbie Trademark infringement:Mattel has filed/ obtained more than 30 registrations across classes in India for the mark ‘BARBIE’.

can’t skip Ken:With Barbie you can’t skip Ken! Mattel has also obtained registration in class 28 for the mark ‘KEN’ and has been claiming protection since the year 1992.
Women icon: Core part of Barbie’s portfolio, the Barbiecore Logo has protected under more tham 14 registrations in India.
Barbie’s younger sister :Mattel secured rights of Barbie’s younger sister “KELLY” with its trademark registration in the year 1999.
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“From its iconic logo to its legal battles, Barbie continues to captivate the world with her timeless charm and unwavering intellectual property.”

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